Imani Colclough| Executive Chef/Owner

Chef Imani Colclough resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.  “My roots run deep in the south because of my heritage,” says the Chef.  His interest in food comes from a family, known for their soulful dishes and decadent desserts.  As a child, he lived for Sunday dinners and holiday feasts.  Years later, he started improvising family recipes for his own soulful culinary creations.  Presently, Chef Imani’s “fusion” style combines ethnic spices with soulful dishes.      

          After attending The Culinary Institute at USC, Chef Imani continued to create dishes with new combinations of herbs and spices in ways that excite the palate and soothe the soul.  The Chef‘s specialty dishes include bread pudding.  His bread pudding, an old family favorite, includes a layer of pudding, sauce, and other spices not included in the original family recipe.  An appreciation of foods from other cultures, Chef Imani expresses a style that is sure to win the affection of many food lovers.  He showcases a soulful “fusion” style without leaving behind those decadent desserts that are surely worth a tooth ache.